Linear Health Sciences Honors Infusion Therapy Experts on IV Nurse Day

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma – Linear Health Sciences, developer of the Orchid™ Safety Release Valve, joins the Infusion Nurses Society (INS) in celebrating IV Nurse Day, which honors nurses around the world who provide IV therapy.

IV Nurse Day, held on January 25 annually, was established by INS in 1981. The day honors those “who have dedicated their lives to providing patients with the best infusion care.”

I know from my ongoing experience in hospital settings that infusion nurses are drivers of both innovation and best practices,” said Ryan Dennis, M.D., CEO and co-founder of Linear Health Sciences. “As a company devoted to improving vascular access care through better technology, we see the crucial services provided by these dedicated nurses every day.”

Linear Health Sciences is developing safety release valve technology for a variety of medical lines and tubing. The company’s first product, the Orchid Safety Release Valve (SRV), is designed to safely prevent the unwanted dislodgement of IVs. The device could provide advantages for patients, vascular access specialists, and hospitals. Those potential advantages include:

For patients:

* Fewer IV restarts including painful needlesticks

* Reduced potential for more invasive treatment such as central lines due to loss of peripheral IV integrity

For nurses:

* Greater efficiency through avoiding dislodgements and unscheduled IV restarts

* Less exposure to sharps injuries and potentially infected blood

For hospitals:

* Reduced potential for infiltrations, phlebitis and healthcare-acquired infections

* Cost savings due to more efficient use of nursing time and less need to replace entire IV setups because of accidental dislodgements

* Greater patient satisfaction.

IV dislodgements are a major problem in hospitals, so a device that could increase the efficiency and effectiveness of vascular access would have a real beneficial impact on patient care,” said Rob Dawson, DNP, MSA, APRN, ACNP-BC, VA-BC. “Unwarranted restarts can take up to 45 minutes extra of a nurse’s time and are a source of anxiety and discomfort for patients. They also increase costs for hospitals. IV nurses are always on the lookout for this kind of technology so they can provide a better and less painful patient experience.”

Dawson is a nurse practitioner hospitalist, IV team nurse and CEO of Vascular Access Consultants, LLC. A nationally known thought leader, he is a clinician and researcher with more than 20 years experience in IV nursing.

About Linear Health Sciences

Founded by a physician and two engineers, Linear Health Sciences is the developer of the Orchid Safety Release Valve and other safety technology solutions for medical lines and tubing. Those solutions are designed to improve the healthcare experience for patients, caregivers, and healthcare institutions. Linear Health is currently pursuing FDA clearance for the Orchid Safety Release Valve. For more information, access