Linear Health Sciences is Competing in the Medtech Startup Showdown!

linear health sciences

Linear Health is involved in the Medtech Startup Showdown, hosted by MDDI. This year the competition is fierce, and the winner is chosen by the people.

Round 1 is currently underway and the Linear Health team wants to come out of the gate at full speed vs. Shift Labs. Take a minute of your time and please vote for us using the link below:

Medtech Startup Showdown

A few reasons to include on why you’re picking Linear Health Sciences:

  • With the rising cost of healthcare this is a simple and quick way to increase in-use efficiencies and minimize unneeded waste
  • The Orchid SRV is a simple, clean, and elegant solution to unwanted IV Dislodgement
  • This is like the paperclip of medical devices – why wasn’t this around sooner??
  • Anything that will save me an unneeded needle stick is a winner in my book.

Thank you for the support and looking forward to the next round!

orchid valve